Kai Ko clarifies relationship status

The actor recently started filming for his first-ever drama series

Kai Ko clarifies relationship status

All eyes are on Kai Ko after he announced that he will be taking on his first-ever drama series, Wu Ying, shortly after his broadcast ban in China was lifted.

He plays a patriotic police officer and a son of a wardlord in the Chinese production. The story is set during the Japanese occupation. Some have voiced their dissatisfaction at the role given to Kai, especially after he was arrested for smoking marijuana in 2014.

Speaking to the press a week after filming started in Hengdian, he admitted to feeling pressure as this is his first series. He sheepishly added that while he has numerous action scenes, he's someone who doesn't do them quite as well as he would like to. The filming schedule is so tight that he has not been able to have much of a life outside of work.

He mused, "I'm really grateful for this opportunity and hope that I don't disappoint them by giving a performance that's not up to standard."

With regards to his personal life, he declared that he is "still on very good terms (with Tia Li), but we've been contacting each other less frequently as of late." He was, however, able to name her recent song title and shared that he has asked for acting tips from her.

As to being photographed with Laurinda Ho soon after breakup rumours between him and Tia Li emerged, he quipped, "We're still good friends who keep in touch but we don't quite dare to meet up any longer because of what was written about us."

Photos: PBE Media

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