Kai Ko, Darren Wang fall out over contract termination

Neighbours and friends of 10 years might call it quits

Kai, Darren 1

Taiwanese actors Darren Wang and Kai Ko, both 24, have reportedly fallen out over the former’s decision to quit director Angie Chai’s management company, to which they both belong.

Kai is said to be upset that Darren would call upon his well-to-do father to provide funds to terminate his three-year contract with Angie, and thought Darren was being ungrateful in leaving the company.

The row got so bad that Kai threatened to end their 10-year friendship if Darren went ahead with his plans.

Darren, the breakout star from the movie Our Times, is said to be looking to expand into the mainland Chinese film market, and wants to jump ship to Frankie Chen’s company. Frankie was the director of Our Times.

Kai, Darren 2

Kai, his neighbour and classmate from primary and secondary school, who starred in the popular 2011 Taiwanese movie You Are the Apple of My Eye, made inroads into mainland China with his role in the 2013 movie Tiny Times, and Darren is reportedly trying to replicate Kai’s success.

In October, Darren responded to rumours that he and Kai had stopped being friends, posting on Facebook that they were “brothers” and “family for life,” but it appears that may not last long.

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