Kai Ko dresses up as Spider-man?

The Taiwanese actor is said to be entertaining himself and his family at home

柯震东在家闭门思过 疑扮蜘蛛侠自娱自乐

After his release from the detention centre for consuming marijuana in August, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has been either staying at home or going to school. Formerly very active on social networking site, Instagram, Kai has also been posting less frequently and would only update fans on how he is doing instead of posting photos of himself now.

On Tuesday, fans finally felt the return of his presence when the actor’s father uploaded a photo of someone, suspected to be Kai, in a Spider-man suit with the caption: “There is a hero in my house.” Netizens commented: “Kai is back!”

Although the headgear was not taken off, Kai had previously uploaded a photo of himself in a similar costume when he first debuted. His brother was reportedly in Shanghai at that time, therefore the “hero” was most probably Kai.

Fans had noticed the significant weight loss in “Kai” and some even laughed that he “was obviously bored at home” to dress up to entertain himself and others.

Kai Ko transfers school

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