Kai Ko faces sentence today

The Taiwanese actor will either be sentenced to rehabilitation or asked to pay for drug addiction treatment

Kai Ko faces sentence today 1

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko will face his sentence today in Taiwan after he was arrested in China in August for consuming marijuana. He was released after a 14-day detention and was previously summoned to court on Sept 1 after he returned to Taipei.

His sentence today will decide whether he will be sent to undergo forced rehabilitation, or pay for treatment for his drug addiction.

Regardless of the outcome, the 23-year-old has the support of his entire family. His father recently uploaded a photo of his family members and his pet dog Niu Niu wearing a jacket with the work “KAI” at the back. Yesterday, Kai also posted a photo of an umbrella on social media platform Instagram and thanked his fans for not forsaking him during this difficult time.

柯震东今面对地检署判决 家人制服团激励

Prosecutors have sent Kai’s urine and hair samples for tests and the results have been sent to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office. In addition, they have also obtained relevant documents from China for the trial.

Kai, who has been studying and playing sports after he returned to Taiwan, had reportedly applied through his lawyer for treatment for his addiction at Cathay General Hospital. However, marijuana is listed as a category 2 drug in Taiwan and he can only receive treatment at Taipei City Hospital, Songde Branch, if he receives that sentence.

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