Kai Ko gets a crew cut

The Taiwanese actor got himself a similar haircut as Jaycee Chan 

Kai Ko gets a crew cut

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko posted a photo of himself with his new hair on Instagram yesterday. Although the picture is blurry, it showed the actor with a crew cut that is similar to Jaycee Chan’s haircut after he was released from jail in February.

Three months ago, Jaycee got his hair cut by his father Jackie Chan to symbolise his will to turn over a new leaf. Some netizens believe that Kai, who was arrested along with Jaycee for drug offences last August, has followed in the latter’s footsteps to start afresh.

Following the scandal, Kai’s job opportunities significantly decreased as he was dropped from commercials and movies.

While some fans are hopeful that Kai is getting ready for a new project, there is also speculation that the 23-year-old might be enlisting into the military soon.

Kai Ko gets a crew cut

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