Kai Ko has no intention for drama appearance

The Taiwanese actor did not express interest when asked if he wishes to film a drama

柯震东拒绝屈就拍台剧 网爆《小时代4》仅留声1

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has been keeping a positive outlook after his sentence last week where he offered to pay for his rehabilitation treatment for marijuana. Recently spotted playing basketball with celebrity friends Darren Wang, Tsai Chang Hsien and more, Kai had fans and friends cheering for him from the spectator stands.

Before leaving the venue, he told media who were present that he does not relieve pressure through basketball and “I take part in competitions regularly”. Besides sports, Kai has been studying hard but he shared, “It is not tough, (I do it) just like everybody else.”

However, the actor who has participated in several crowd-favourite movies such as You Are the Apple of My Eye and Tiny Times seemed passive when prompted if he would take on a role for a Taiwanese drama.

Rumour has it that an interested party intends to cast Kai for a drama but he expressed shock and exclaimed, “What!” before adding, “I will do what I have on hand first. I don’t know (yet).”

柯震东拒绝屈就拍台剧 网爆《小时代4》仅留声3

In addition, a netizen revealed on Weibo that Chinese movie Tiny Times 4, which Kai has a part in, has passed tests by the authorities but only his voice will be retained without the visuals. However, both the companies in charge of production and publicity for the movie have not heard of such news and doubt its authenticity.

It is understood that director Guo Jingming is in post-production works now but due to the pivotal role Kai plays in the movie, Jingming is reportedly sourcing for a replacement to prevent the plot from falling apart.

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