Kai Ko makes post-drug bust acting comeback

Actor spends 15 months cleaning up for role in new movie The Road to Mandalay

Kai Ko

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko is making his acting comeback in the new movie The Road to Mandalay, 15 months after he was busted for using marijuana with Jaycee Chan in Beijing.

The actor posted a photo of the main cast and director on Facebook on Tuesday, with the caption, “It’s been one year! It’s a wrap!”

The Road to Mandalay is helmed by Midi Z, also known as Kyawk Dad-Yin, a Burmese-born director of Chinese descent.

To prepare for his role, in which he stars opposite Taiwanese actress Wu Ke-Xi, Kai spent two months living in Myanmar alone and another two working in Thailand.

He even practised the Yunnan dialect with Midi Z for half a year, and turned up for work without any assistant, almost like a rookie actor.

It had been rumoured that Kai was slated for a role as a drug user, but the movie is said to be a romance film and has nothing to do with narcotics.

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