Kai Ko officially banned from China media industry

The Taiwanese actor’s scenes in Chinese movie Tiny Times 4 could be removed

《小时代4》率先重拍 柯震东戏份遭删光

Things just keep getting worse for Taiwanese actor Kai Ko. Besides facing pull-outs from several endorsers, the 23-year-old, who was detained in Beijing in August for two weeks after being caught for consuming marijuana, has officially been banned from the Chinese media industry.

The ban states that programmes starring artistes that engage in misdeeds such as drug use and prostitution will be not be broadcasted. Kai’s upcoming films, Tiny Times 4, A Choo and Monster Hunt, have all been affected and their release dates have yet to be confirmed.

Chinese movie Tiny Times 4 was initially slated to premiere early next year and it is said that the production company has decided to remove Kai’s scenes so that the release date remains unchanged. His character will either “be removed from the plot” or a substitute will replace him for the role.

Additionally, a prearranged promotional activity for Monster Hunt in Shanghai yesterday was abruptly cancelled, but it was not stated if that was due to the ban.

Meanwhile, Kai’s manager Angie Chai said that she “has not heard of” any news of Kai being replaced in Tiny Times 4. As for reports of her being involved in a bribery scandal involving China Central Television (CCTV), Angie said that she has no plans of halting promotional activities in China but “if investors want me to go, I will go. I will not be affected by Kai’s situation.”

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