Kai Ko on life after rehabilitation

The Taiwanese actor’s father and brother are glad that he has matured after his drug scandal

Kai Ko on life after rehabilitation
Taiwanese actor Kai Ko recently had his first magazine cover photo shoot with his father Ko Yao-tsung and older brother Ko Chia Yang.

In an interview with the magazine, the trio revealed details of Kai’s life during and after his 14-day rehabilitation treatment in China, which he had undergone after being found to abuse marijuana last October.

Kai Ko on life after rehabilitation
Recalling his time during his term at the centre, the 23-year-old admitted that it was not an easy task to face the consequences of his mistake.

“Every day, I would wake up at 6am to wait for our breakfast. After eating, I can only sit around and wait for lunchtime as we are not allowed to move around or lie down to rest. When I finished dinner, I would simply watch television with other inmates in my cell,” he revealed.

While the routine life at the centre was hard to adapt to, Kai felt that the ‘real pain only began’ after he was released.

The actor was met with a drastic plunge in work offers and needed to face countless amounts of criticism from society. He was also deeply saddened when his friend chose to cut off ties with him, initially leading him to stay at home every day as he lacked the courage to face the situation.

However, after going through months of reflection and thought, the 23-year-old said he has changed his personality of ‘a little brat’ and improved his relationship with his father and brother. He showed his eagerness to start his life anew as he actively volunteered his services at charity events, trained his physique by picking up boxing as well as furthered his studies.

Looking back at the past six months, Kai said coolly, “All the news about me in the past are very insignificant and I don’t see a reason to be angry. Now, what I’m prepared to face is my life in future.”

Kai Ko on life after rehabilitation
Kai’s father Yao-tsung added that he no longer feels the tension he had experienced when he flew to Beijing to welcome Kai for the first time after his release.

“All of us would make mistakes when we are growing up. We will definitely avoid them if we could but if we can’t, we must face them. I think it is better to take the fall before we become adults,” he said candidly.

He even sang praises of Kai for being a changed and matured son: “He has met with a fall much earlier than all of us but recovered his cheery composure much faster than I expected him to. He is truly an adult now.” Kai’s older brother Chia Yang also said his little brother has become more caring.

Through this incident, Yao-tsung has learnt to relax his strict parenting style and treat his sons like his friends.

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