Kai Ko rumoured to have broken up with Tia Li

The singer-actor was photographed together with Laurinda Ho


Last Sunday, Kai Ko was spotted with Laurinda Ho, the daughter of casino magnate Stanley Ho, outside a KTV outlet in Taipei at around 3 in the morning. Kai was also photographed extending his hand to pull Laurinda closer while waiting for the lift, with Laurinda leaning her head on his shoulder.

Insiders revealed that after his release from detainment last year, he thanked Tia for being a “good friend” and not leaving him. Since then, rumours about the two dating each other began to spread.

According to reports, the couple started to drift apart after spending less time together this year. Cracks started to show in their relationship as they frequently disagreed and fought over small matters which eventually led to a breakup.


It is said that Tia still cares about Kai and she was said to be jealous when reports of Kai and Laurinda’s budding relationship surfaced. Kai tried to redeem himself by saying that he was drunk, but Tia did not accept his explanations, said reports.

Laurinda broke up with her boyfriend of four years, Kenji Wu, in September last year and has been spending more time in Taiwan lately.  The 24-year-old, who is born and bred in Hong Kong, got acquainted with Kai through their mutual friend, Jaycee Chan, but a friend of Laurinda revealed that she has not ruled out the possibility of getting back together with her ex-boyfriend, Kenji.


When asked to comment about his new dating rumours, Kai’s company said, “They are just good friends who often contact each other via text messages. However, Kai has not been talking about her recently. In any case, as a managing company, we are not in the position to comment on who our artistes choose to make friends with. [We ask for] the public not to make wild guesses.”


In response to the rumours, Tia’s company said, “Tia has always been very focused on her work, and there’s nothing much for us to say regarding this matter. You should ask those who are involved instead.”

Photos: PBE Media

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