Kai Ko’s prosecution to take place two years later

While his prosecution will be deferred for two years, he has to comply with rehab procedures in the meantime

柯震东获缓起诉2年 吸毒案后首遇陈柏霖2.jpg

Two weeks after Taiwanese actor Kai Ko volunteered to pay for his drug rehabilitation treatment at a court hearing, it has been confirmed on Wednesday (Oct 29) that his prosecution will be deferred for two years. But the actor, who was detained in August for consuming marijuana, has to comply with rehabilitation procedures in the meantime.

On the same day, he happily attended the engagement banquet of good friend Ariel Lin together with his manager Angie Chai. Posing for photos with his signature smile with hands in his pockets, fans outside the venue screamed in support for their idol.

When prompted by journalists if he had mixed feelings at that moment, Kai, who was in high spirits, asked, “Why should I feel that way?”

Wishing his co-actress from Taiwanese movie A Choo true happiness, the 23-year-old revealed Ariel had previously gifted him her new book and they both exchanged acting tips.

In addition, Kai met buddy Chen Bo Lin at the banquet for the first time after the drug saga. Although Bo Lin’s manager revealed the two only greeted each other and did not interact as they were seated far apart, they still keep in contact via text messages.

柯震东获缓起诉2年 吸毒案后首遇陈柏霖1.jpg

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