Kai Ko set to film his first Chinese project after drug scandal

The actor will be receiving a remuneration of $4.19 million for the drama serial


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko was busted for smoking marijuana in Beijing, China along with fellow actor, Jaycee Chan in 2014. The 24-year-old was subsequently detained for two weeks and deported.

After the scandal, the actor kept a low profile and was rarely engaged for filming projects in the last 21 months, apart from appearing at events and filming the movie, The Road to Mandalay.

Recently, a production company approached Kai Ko to film for an upcoming 40-episode World War II drama serial, with the appearance fee coming to NT$100 million (approximately S$4.19 million). While Kai Ko, who made his name acting in the movie You Are the Apple of My Eye, has not filmed for a drama before, it was reported that he is willing to take on the challenge.

It was also said that the production crew decided to take him on as the male lead due to his acting skills and popularity which was not affected despite the scandal.

Kai Ko’s management company has also explained that after many repeated requests, they have finally received approval from the authorities. Filming at the Hengdian Studios has already begun, as Kai Ko’s ban has been officially ‘lifted’.

Photos: PBE Media

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