Kai Ko takes part in basketball tournament

The Taiwanese actor joined the competition with his company mates 

Kai Ko
Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has been actively trying to rebuild his image, following his infamous drug scandal in August. On Saturday, the 23-year-old joined a three-on-three basketball tournament with his colleagues, Café. Waiting. Love star Bruce Hung and actor Sean Lin.

Kai was seen giving his best in the preliminary matches, which the trio won with ease. Making his first public appearance since his arrest for drug use, the actor gathered a crowd of fans who cheered him on during the game.

Kai Ko
While speaking to reporters, Kai shared that it has been a long time since he participated in such high-intensity exercise. The You Are The Apple Of My Eye star also heaped praise on Bruce and Sean for their good performance.

In addition, Kai named Bruce as their star player, while the latter humbly replied: “The result comes from everyone’s contribution.”

When asked on author-director Giddens Ko’s recent cheating scandal, Kai gave a word of courage to his mentor, saying, “Let’s work hard together.”

Bruce Hung, Kai Ko and Sean Lin

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