Kai Ko tours Europe with family

Actor’s dad foots S$42,000 bill for the holiday


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, 24, took a trip with his parents and older brother to Europe over the Chinese New Year holiday, and his father footed the nearly NT$1 million (approximately S$42,000) bill.

Their first stop was Venice, Italy, and they toured the Piazza San Marco and the Bridge of Sighs. Kai’s popularity among fans was still high, evident from the frequent requests he got to pose for photos with supporters, and the actor was obliging.


Kai’s family are reportedly close and it’s their tradition to travel together over Chinese New Year. Kai’s mother had booked the flights to Europe last year, but when news broke of the terrorist attacks on the continent, she thought about cancelling the trip. But the family went ahead with it because they thought it a waste not to.

Together with his return to the silver screen in The Road to Mandalay last year, Kai has also taken on a smattering of advertisements and event appearances, earning about NT$1 million (approximately S$42,000) over a year.

The actor was detained for using marijuana in 2014, and the incident brought his career to a halt.


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