Kai Ko undergoes pre-rehabilitation assessment

The Taiwanese actor was spotted at the hospital on Wednesday 

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Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, who volunteered to pay for his rehabilitation treatment, was seen visiting Taipei City Hospital, Songde Branch for pre-rehabilitation assessment on Wednesday.

Dressed in sports attire and a baseball cap, Kai greeted reporters with smiles and shared that he was at the hospital for a medical check-up. According to the 23-year-old, rehabilitation will officially begin one month later, after the test results are out. However, the actor is unsure of the exact treatment programme that he will undergo. 

After going through a 14-day detention in Beijing and the trial in Taipei, Kai said that he is taking it in his stride and that he has been engaging in “relaxing activities” such as exercise and attending classes.

His manager Angie Chai and Taiwanese author-director Giddens Ko, whose work You Are The Apple of My Eye propelled Kai to fame, were rumoured to have been banned in China. When asked to comment on the reports, Kai replied in a helpless tone: “That is not my fault right?”

In addition, Kai claimed that he is “quietly concerned” about Giddens, who made headlines this week for cheating on his girlfriend, as he has not had a chance to meet the latter. At the same time, the actor apologised for the repercussions on Tiny Times 4 due to his marijuana abuse case.
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