Kai Ko volunteers to pay for rehabilitation treatment

The Taiwanese actor requested to pay for his drug rehabilitation treatment at the hearing yesterday

柯震东认罪吸毒 自费戒治免入牢

At the court hearing in Taipei yesterday involving Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, the 23-year-old who was arrested in August for consuming marijuana has volunteered to pay for his rehabilitation treatment.

Prosecutors acceded to his request taking into consideration his positive attitude and clean criminal record. Kai will undergo treatment at the Taipei City Hospital, Songde Branch under the instructions of doctors. His prosecution will be delayed by two years but if he does not comply with treatment procedures and urine tests, or if he is once again tested positive for drug consumption, he will be arrested immediately.

The hearing, which was his second appearance in court since Sept 1, lasted for two hours before Kai emerged and apologised to members of the media.

“I’m very sorry I did wrong and implicated the actors, crew and investors who have worked with me. I’m really sorry,” he said.

Kai, who has the support of his entire family, posted a photo of himself smiling on Instagram last night and promised fans he “will work harder to become a better and stronger person”.

The actor-singer has been officially banned from the Chinese media industry, faced more than 10 pull-outs from endorsers and his appearances in Chinese movie Tiny Times 4 will be deleted and re-filmed by a replacement. His manager shared that he will put studies on his top priority and wait for more opportunities to continue acting in Taiwan.

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