Karen Mok’s husband applies to be her private chef for upcoming tour

Karen Mok shares details about relationship with her other half and their recent three-month vacation

Karen Mok’s husband applies to be her private chef for upcoming tour

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It’s been a long time since Hong Kong-based singer Karen Mok last set foot on our shores. In town to promote her latest album Departures, the 44-year-old also attended Star Awards 2015 Show 2 as guest presenter last Sunday.

At a press conference yesterday, Karen spoke freely about the inspiration for her first Mandarin album in four years. The theme of Departures, which centres on “saying goodbye and being reunited again”, perfectly describes the songstress’ relationship with her German-born husband Johannes Natterer.

The couple met each other at the age of 17 when they were studying in Italy, and dated for a year before going separate ways. It wasn’t until the actress was filming a movie in Berlin in 2003 that their paths crossed again. Four years ago, the lovebirds tied the knot in the city which first brought them together.

Speaking on “departures”, the multi-hyphenate reckoned that the biggest change in her life would be bidding farewell to singlehood. “It used to be just about me, me and me. I didn’t have to ask for opinions or discuss with anyone about my work schedule. Now that I have a new status as a wife, my perspectives have shifted,” added Karen.

Karen Mok’s husband applies to be her private chef for upcoming tour

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Karen also recalled a challenging period when the contract with her previous record label ended in 2007. It was a time where the market was on decline and the award-winning singer had feared that L!VE is... KAREN MOK would be her very last album. “But I can’t stop making music just because CDs don’t sell as well anymore. Everyone needs music in their lives,” she asserted.

And the hardest goodbye she has had to say was to her father who passed away from a heart attack last January. Through the episode, Karen learned to accept that one could change the way to love another person whether the latter is physically around or otherwise. The songbird also revealed that the songs in Departures poignantly expressed her emotions, which helped ease her pain.

After losing her dad, Karen decided to stay with her mother whenever she visits Hong Kong. “The very little time that I have [in Hong Kong], I should spend it with my mum as much as I can,” she said. “She was happy to have me around. Now she treats me like a teenager, asking stuff like ‘What time do you want to wake up tomorrow? Should I cut you a papaya for breakfast?’ It is actually very cute and I let her [fuss over me] because I think she loves it.”

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