Karena Lam uncomfortable breastfeeding in public

Actress recounts getting side glances in Hong Kong while nursing elder daughter

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Taiwanese actress and Golden Horse Awards Best Actress winner Karena Lam, 37, said she once got uncomfortable glances from people around her when she breastfed her elder daughter in a Hong Kong restaurant.

Karena attended an event for a fast-food chain on Sunday and she praised the company for setting up nursing rooms in its restaurants for mothers.

The mother of two said she had covered herself with a piece of fabric when she nursed her daughter but still received strange looks from her fellow restaurant diners, forcing her to retreat to the bathroom to escape the awkwardness.

“I was really upset,” she said. “Breastfeeding is natural, but Hong Kong is slow to accept it.”

She married Hong Kong advertising director Steve Yuen in 2010.

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And regarding Karena’s November 21 win of the Best Actress title, judges on the panel revealed that she and actress Shu Qi were neck in neck after three rounds of voting, but Karena won in the end by just one vote.

“It all depends on luck and the judges’ preferences each year, it’s in the past now and I don’t wish to discuss it again,” Karena said.

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