Kate Tsui badly affected by rumours of plastic surgery

The TVB actress has reportedly tried to “revert to her old look” 

Kate Tsui
Plagued by rumours of plastic surgery, Hong Kong actress Kate Tsui has reportedly been trying to “revert to her old look” by spending long hours in the make-up unit.

Sources claimed that Kate refused help from the make-up artist and spent three hours touching up for a modern drama. “There was once where she cried while doing her make-up. When a hairstylist asked after her, she said that her face is too swollen to apply cosmetics,” an insider revealed.

Although the actress previously refuted the rumours, many of Kate’s colleagues in TVB believe that she did go under the knife. Some even allegedly commented that her face looks “weird” now.

As a result, Kate became increasingly sensitive whenever people look at her face. Despite receiving compliments from a cleaning staff about her radiant complexion, the 35-year-old allegedly scolded the person for being nosy.  

Kate’s low spirits has also affected her work. Due to her self-consciousness, the actress dared not look in her co-star’s eye, which led to many NG takes and a bad reputation among her colleagues. This brought Kate further disheartenment, causing her to isolate herself from the crew.

In addition, the former beauty queen is also said to have turned down several Christmas events and is even contemplating quitting her showbiz career that she has painstakingly built over the years. 

Kate Tsui

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