Kate Tsui refutes rumours of plastic surgery

The Hong Kong actress is displeased that the tabloid posted an unflattering photo of her

徐子珊否认整容 称不敢打美容针因怕死
At a recent event, Hong Kong actress Kate Tsui responded to rumours that she had undergone plastic surgery. The 35-year-old, who is currently busy with the filming of new drama Harmony is Precious, said that reporters do not have proof that she went under the knife. 

Although Kate feels that the reports are “ridiculous”, she does not intend to kick up a fuss and sue the magazine. “They do not have proof and their reports are groundless,” she said. “I don’t even dare to take beauty injections because I’m scared of death!”

Kate also expressed her displeasure about the magazine publishing an unflattering photo of her. “They even claimed that I disappeared for two weeks. Don’t I have to work?” said the actress.
Previously admitted to hospital due to problems with her immune system, Kate shared that she is more concerned about her health above all else.

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