Kelly Lin holds baby shower for second daughter

The Taiwanese actress’ celebrities friends like Jam Hsiao and Alice Tzeng also join in the fun

Kelly Lin holds baby shower for second daughter
Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin recently held a party to celebrate her second daughter Mila Yang’s first birthday.

Though Kelly resides in Shanghai with her Chinese husband Yang Chen after their marriage, the couple specially arranged for the party to be in Kelly’s hometown, Taipei, last Sunday (Feb 15) to celebrate with their parents and close friends.

The couple held the symbolic zhua zhou ceremony for Mila, a traditional Chinese practice on a child’s first birthday where his or her future inclination could be determined from the item he or she chooses from an array of items.

Kelly Lin holds baby shower for second daughter
Among the items prepared were a calculator, guitar, calligraphy brush and more that symbolised different careers. Yang Chen, who dotes on Mila, also generously added his credit card on the list.

The crowd watched as Mila steadily paced around and carefully looked at the items before she settled for a golden ingot, which represent wealth and fortune. Kelly and Yang Chen expressed their joy at their daughter’s good choice.

At the party, Mila stuck close to her father and drew a tinge of jealously from her mother Kelly.

However, Kelly joked that her older daughter Kaitlin Yang was also highly attached to Yang Chen when she was younger but distanced when she grew older. Kelly jested that Mila could be the same in time to come.

Celebrity friend and Kaitlin and Mila’s godfather Jam Hsiao also attended the birthday party. The singing powerhouse showed his softer side by dancing, reading stories and cuddling up with Kaitlin, showering his care for her.

Kelly Lin holds baby shower for second daughter
Similarly, Taiwanese actress Alice Tseng attended the party with her husband Joseph Chen and their nine-month-old baby girl. Joseph, who rarely appears in public, showed his affection for his family by constantly taking photos for the mother and daughter.

When discussions have landed on Kelly’s ‘tiger mum’-like parenting style, Alice shared frankly that she would be more flexible in bringing up her daughter.

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