Ken Chu feels like “crap” over weight gain

The singer was previously called out for gaining a considerable amount of weight, but he has his reasons for it


Taiwanese F4 member Ken Chu recently blasted the media for criticising his ‘plumper’ appearance and responded that his weight gain was due to the swelling of his body from taking medication.

The singer was the victim of harsh comments from both the media and netizens online, who noted that his body, face and cheeks were significantly rounder during one of his concerts last month, and even said that “time waits for no man.”

Ken took to Weibo three days ago and said that he suffered from Fibromyalgia, a syndrome that affects the muscles and soft tissue, which could lead to chronic muscle pain, fatigue and sleep problems. He added that he needed to take medication to relieve these symptoms which was triggered by the cold weather, but it came with a side effect of his body swelling.

“I did not want explain myself initially but I feel like I have to speak out now as I have been a victim of hurtful words that have been thrown at me by various news reports. I feel like crap, almost as if houseflies are surrounding me but yet, I have no legs to run and hide from them. It is very unfair that only my weight gain got harshly criticised, but somehow, nothing was said when I slimmed down. This was why I did not want to make a public appearance at first, but I had to because I had already a signed contract for that event,” the singer shared.

Following his post, his fans have been supportive and encouraged him to “ignore those comments” and to “focus on your health.”

Ken had previously shed 18 kilograms before his wedding to Chinese actress Vivian Han, which took place last September on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Photo: PBE Media

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