Ken Chu on Jerry Yan: Who knows if he has had a string of children?

F4 singer recently confirms marriage to Vivian Han


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Taiwanese singer and actor Ken Chu, 37, has taken jabs at Jerry Yan, 39, the only member of former boyband F4 who remains unattached.

While attending the media launch of a new television program on Tuesday, Ken indirectly confirmed he “can be considered married.” But he said it was unlikely that F4 would reunite at his wedding: Though he would invite his old friends, not everyone would be available to attend the nuptials.

“I didn’t go for Vanness Wu’s wedding (to Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo in 2013) because I was in Thailand practicing monkhood,” Ken said.

“It would have been odd for a monk to attend a wedding, so I declined the invitation saying I couldn’t drink alcohol. And look at Vic Chou (who registered his marriage to actress Reen Yu late last year), he still hasn’t held a wedding yet.”

He poked fun at Jerry, the last F4 member who’s still single. “But how do you know he’s alone?” Ken said. “Who knows if he has had a string of children — I don’t know.”


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