Ken Chu opens up on wedding details

His wife will call the shots and plan their wedding banquet


Photos: PBE Media
Ken Chu, who was recently revealed to have applied to register his marriage with girlfriend Vivian Han, has opened up about his wedding preparations at an event promoting his new show, Burning Calorie.

The singer-actor also added that he and Vivian can be considered as “a married couple” already and will organise a wedding banquet when they have time.

Ken then went on to explain that as his wife’s personality is more low-key, the couple would not be holding an extravagant or lavish wedding, and that they would only start preparations for their wedding banquet after the wedding registrations have been settled.

The wedding details will also be decided upon by his wife, because when it comes to weddings, “Priority goes to the woman, and the man comes in second.” The singer-actor also went on to joke that once the wedding is over, he’ll “lead a more comfortable life.”

Ken also appears to have slimmed down visibly, but asserts that there’s no connection between his weight loss and preparations for their wedding.

Instead, he attributed the reason for his weight loss to the fact that Burning Calorie will be inviting fitness trainers on to the show, to teach him and the other guests the scientific way to lose weight healthily.

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