Ken Chu reveals he is suffering from a rare disease

The singer-actor shed tears as he talked about his sickness


Singer-actor Ken Chu, who is currently filming for his new show Burning Calorie, shed tears as he revealed that he has been suffering from a rare disease for years.

The 37-year-old, who recently got married to his girlfriend Vivian Han, was preparing to film for the fourth episode of Burning Calorie when his body began acting up.

Ken left the set temporarily, but returned when they were filming the latter half of the episode even though he wasn’t feeling well.


He then revealed that he was suffering from fibromyalgia, a rare disease that causes widespread pain to the sufferer. As a result of that, the singer-actor often feels pain in his body and the condition acts up when subjected to stress and pressure. The disease is untreatable, and Ken can only rely on medicine and physiotherapy to alleviate the symptoms.

The actor also divulged that he is unable to maintain his slim physique due to his sickness. He teared as he talked about how the media reported incessantly about his weight gain because they did not know that he was suffering from fibromyalgia. Ken also added that Burning Calorie is his “last resort to become healthy again”.

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