Ken Chu’s grandmother passes away

The death of the singer’s grandmother is the third in his family within the past year

朱孝天连失3至亲 发文"人生要用减法"

Ken Chu, a former member of Taiwanese band F4, lamented the passing of his grandmother on Weibo yesterday morning, the third death in his family within the past year. His godfather passed away late last year while his uncle died last month.

Ken revealed his grandmother passed away on Monday (Nov 10) through a Weibo post and it seems he has accepted death as part and parcel of life. He wrote: “This is not the first time I’m experiencing something like this so I’m not in too much pain, [death] is something everyone must go through.”

But the 35-year-old, who has been single since his breakup with Taiwanese actress-model Kelly Lin in 2010, expressed regrets on how he had been living life without treasuring those around him.

“There is no eternity, meeting [them] once means you get one less chance to meet in future. Do treasure [those around you] as you may not see them in your next life.”

Netizens agreed and left him condolence messages.

Ken had gone to Thailand last year to practice temporary monkhood as “my heart was not at ease and my condition was not right”. Although the singer is open to making new friends for a possible relationship, he is not in a rush to tie the knot but yearns for a child instead.

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