Ken Chu spotted with a new squeeze

Ken Chu and Han Wenwen were spotted holding hands while shopping together to spite his ex-girlfriend

Ken Chu spotted with a new squeeze

Taiwanese artiste Ken Chu left an ambiguous post on Weibo in February (“Let’s just confirm it as that,” he wrote) which was suspected to be hinting at a new relationship at the time.

Yesterday, 36-year-old Ken was photographed holding hands with Chinese film actress Han Wenwen and behaving like a couple. He was spotted wearing a mask while shopping with his 19-year-old rumoured girlfriend, even resting his hand on her waist at one point.

They made one round-trip around the mall, enjoyed a meal and shopped for furniture before returning to Ken’s apartment with two large shopping bags. Paparazzi also spotted that Wenwen had the keys to his house, which means that they could be living together.

Ken remained ambiguous about his new romance when he responded through his assistant and said, “Thank you for your concern.”

Chinese model Jiang Xinyu, whom the F4 member broke up with less than a year after they began dating last year, posted on her Weibo: “It’s a repetition of us, I know. You really want to sell your soul to the devil but unfortunately, your soul is too greedy… I hope the innocent girl knows how to take care of herself. I wish her well.” She continued, “To the kind-hearted girl, please watch your wallet.”

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