Ken Chu updates everyone on his body condition

The singer-actor recently revealed that he suffers from fibromyalgia


Yesterday night, Ken Chu’s  official fanclub posted a picture of Ken and his fiancée Vivian Han, and updated everyone on the filming progress for his new show, Burning Calorie.

Ken then shared the post and added, “Mrs Chu’s waist is really slender,” showing his love for his new wife. Later that night, he also posted a note on Weibo entitled, “To Whom It May Concern”, where he explained more about fibromyalgia, the illness that prevented him from intense exercise over the years.

In the note, Ken wrote, “When I was young, I developed asthma due to my dust mite allergy. At that time, the most effective treatment for asthma was to inject steroids into the body. As a result of the steroids, my body, which was undergoing puberty at that time, received a big impact. My bones and muscles are not very healthy, and I can’t exercise intensely. If I exercise too much, my body will suffer from all sorts of aches and pains.”

He went on to reveal that other than not having a good physique, the most painful thing for him was the comments from the public.

“I was typecasted as a lazy good-for-nothing, who can’t even manage my own body weight. That really affected me.”

However, the 37-year-old ended things on a positive note and divulged that his body condition has improved since then as he has been engaged in exercises like taiji, yoga and surfing to strengthen his body. He even revealed that he has been reading up and studying food and nutrition related topics to boost his body condition.

Photos: PBE Media

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