Kenji Wu infuriated by delay in Katy Perry’s concert

The Taiwanese singer was displeased that Katy Perry only began to perform close to two hours after the stipulated starting time of her concert

Kenji Wu infuriated by delay in Katy Perry’s concert

Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu was slammed by netizens for being ‘ignorant’ after he recently made an angry comment on Katy Perry’s late arrival to her concert in Taipei.

Last weekend, the American singing powerhouse had held her first concert at the Taipei Arena and Kenji, amongst many other celebrities, had attended her sold-out gig.

Yesterday, the 35-year-old took to his Facebook Page, lamenting that Katy ‘went overboard’ as the concert was slated to begin at 7:30 pm but she only stepped on stage at 9 pm.

However, netizens pointed out that it is a common practice for American and European singers to have an opening act at their concert before they begin to perform.

Netizens also criticised Kenji for not keeping himself informed as the concert organiser has already informed Katy’s fans that the American singer would only ‘perform at around 9pm’.

In reply, Kenji wrote in another Facebook post defensively, “If preparing for a concert is about being informed that the singer would delay her arrival at the show and not about learning her songs, I admit that it was my negligence.”

Similarly, Taiwanese veteran singer Harlem Yu, who was also present at Katy’s concert, expressed his displeasure online. “My child invited me to watch Katy Perry’s concert today. However, it’s almost 9pm and I have not seen the star yet!” 

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