Kenji Wu, Laurinda Ho back together?

Former couple spend 9 hours at his apartment


Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu, 36, was seen returning to his residence with ex-girlfriend Laurinda Ho on January 30, barely two months after their high-profile split.

The former couple left a group of female friends at a soya bean milk shop in the small hours of the morning and got into his car. They drove to his apartment and didn’t emerge until 9 hours later, at about 1 p.m., with Laurinda wearing a different top and carrying an extra bag.

The whole way Kenji was spotted being affectionate and caring, opening the car door for Laurinda and keeping his arm around her shoulders on their way to his place.


When asked to confirm whether Kenji and Laurinda had indeed reconciled, the singer’s manager said, “Laurinda was in Taipei to meet up with friends and she had too much to drink, so she called Kenji saying she needed someone to protect her and that’s why he came to pick her up.”

“It’s not a reconciliation, it was purely a safety consideration.”

The couple announced their split last December, after which the singer said he would stay single for a year, and the daughter of Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho had her family cheering her up.

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