Kenneth Ma’s romantic endeavours ruined by paparazzi

The eligible bachelor has been single for three years

Kenneth Ma’s romantic endeavours ruined by paparazzi
Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma may have been single for three years, but the eligible bachelor is in no hurry to settle down. The Triumph in the Skies star, who turns 41 next week, was in town for the opening ceremony of jewellery chain Chow Tai Fook at ION Orchard last Friday.

While speaking to the media, Kenneth flashed his glittering ring and jokingly said that his birthday wish is to earn more money to buy these accessories for girls.

“I’m working hard to save money for marriage. You need a house when you get married and that requires a lot of money!” he added. “A fengshui master once told me that I’d only have ‘marital luck’ in 2018 or 2019, so I’m not anxious!”

In his opinion, as long as the other party is “the right one”, it would be sufficient to date for just a year before moving on to the next stage together. Kenneth, however, does not advocate flash marriages. If the actor were to tie the knot, he would definitely make an announcement beforehand.

Throughout his decade-long career, Kenneth has rarely been romantically linked to other female celebrities. The only relationship he has ever acknowledged is the one with TVB actress Nancy Wu. After the pair broke up in 2011, the affable chap has not dated anyone new.

Kenneth Ma made a special appearance at Chow Tai Fook's new store in ION Orchard
Besides rumours of romance between Kenneth and Hong Kong-based model Jackie Xu last year, the former was recently photographed with TVB actress Natalie Tong.

When asked about his relationship with Natalie, Kenneth straightforwardly replied: “She is a close sister of mine. We became very tight after working together on A Fistful of Stances (2010). The speculations about us have been going on for very long.”

In addition, Kenneth also clarified that he had gone out for dinner with a group of friends (including Kevin Cheng) that day, but the reporter only captured a shot of Natalie and himself.

Having experienced a potential romance getting ruined by the unwanted exposure, Kenneth commented with a laugh that the paparazzi are indeed a problem. “Can you tell me how not to get my pictures snapped?” he quipped.

When it comes to expectations for his future other half, Kenneth admitted that he used to think girls with big eyes are very pretty. But as he grew older, appearance became no longer as essential as personality in terms of compatibility. “The most important thing is for two people to be happy when they are together,” shared the actor.

In fact, the easy-going lad doesn’t even mind if his girlfriend is the type who gets jealous easily.  “I guess it’s her expression of love for me! If she has no reaction when I am very close with other girls, then I’d be worried,” Kenneth explained.

Kenneth Ma’s romantic endeavours ruined by paparazzi
Craving for a baddie role

Currently busy with promotional activities for the Triumph in the Skies movie, Kenneth is thankful to have participated in all parts of this highly rated series.

“I’m happy because Triumph in the Skies is the first drama that gave me a taste of fame. Being able to act in both Triumph in the Skies and Triumph in the Skies II, as well as the movie, is very meaningful to me,” he let on.

Unbeknownst to many, Kenneth was assigned a kiss scene with Hong Kong actress Elena Kong on the first day of filming. “I didn’t know it was so good to act in a movie!” laughed the actor.

As Kenneth only played a small part in the film, the acclaimed thespian hopes for more opportunities to appear on the big screen in future. In contrast with his “good guy” image, he is pumped to take on a baddie role. And if the script calls for it, Kenneth is willing to stretch his skin-baring limits.

This interview is translated by Dang Hui Ling.

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