Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan ambushed by paparazzi

Kevin Cheng kept his promise and asked Grace Chan out for a meal, just the two of them

Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan ambushed by paparazzi

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Earlier this week, Hong Kong actor-singer Kevin Cheng promised that he would take his Blue Veins co-star Grace Chan out on a date and it seems that he has kept his word.

Yesterday, 23-year-old Grace’s father drove her home after an event and she waited for all the paparazzi to leave before she she snuck out to Pacific Place (a shopping centre in Hong Kong) at around 10 pm to meet her dinner date.

The two dressed casually that evening; The beauty queen was spotted in a camisole and the actor in a black cap and t-shirt. They ordered a table full of food and as they were just about done, the reporters showed up with their cameras and began to snap photos.

Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan ambushed by paparazzi

Kevin looked dissatisfied as he previously expressed that he does not want everyone to kick up a fuss if they were to going out. Grace appeared very nervous as she brought her hand up to her face.

When the reporters asked if they were going to announce a relationship, 44-year-old Kevin bluntly retorted, “Can you let us eat dinner in peace?” while Grace responded with a sweet smile. Even the restaurant staff came to chase the reporters away and told them not to disturb their customers.

About an hour later, the pair escaped by the back door to the parking lot where Kevin’s B.M.W. was, and Grace was willing to accept his offer to personally drive her home even though he hasn’t been at the wheel very much since he had a driving accident back in 2011.

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