Kevin Cheng, Grace Chan make first commercial appearance as a couple

Actors affectionate in public


Hong Kong actors Kevin Cheng, 46, and Grace Chan, 24, made their first commercial appearance as a couple on Sunday.

The pair turned on the charm and acted affectionately before the audience, with Grace feeding her beau a piece of Chinese New Year candy and tying a scarf on him.

When the event host asked the couple to kiss on stage, Kevin managed to wiggle his way out of the challenge by saying, “Then we’ll have to go backstage to prepare for that.”


The couple also held hands during the event and had red string tied to their right arms.

Asked how it felt to attend an event together, Grace said, “Everyone had a lot of fun!” But on whether they would make another couple appearance on Valentine’s Day, Kevin said, “Doing this just once in a while is acceptable.”

The pair reportedly pocketed HK$800,000 (approximately S$146,000) for Sunday’s event, but Kevin denied the amount was that high, and said the compensation was satisfactory.

Grace and Kevin have been dating for a year now, after they met while filming the vampire-themed drama series Blue Veins.


Grace Chan, Kevin Cheng seen on date 
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