Kevin Cheng rumoured to be dating Grace Chan

The rumoured couple is reportedly keeping a distance from each other in public

Kevin Cheng rumoured to be dating Grace Chan

Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng was recently spotted meeting up with rumoured girlfriend, actress Grace Chan, who is 21 years his junior, at a luxurious apartment “Y.I” located in Causeway Bay.

Instead of returning to her home in Kowloon Tong after an event last Monday, Grace alighted from the staff bus at Causeway Bay and appeared to be very alert about her surroundings. To prevent getting recognised, the former beauty queen had removed her make-up and put on a cap. She was also seen talking on her phone while making her way to the apartment.

Shortly after, Kevin was seen entering the same building from the main gate. The couple allegedly left the place together in the actor’s rented seven-seater car one hour later.

After arriving at TVB City, Kevin and Grace appeared at the make-up unit separately before going for their filming. According to sources, the two did not interact with each other throughout the night in an attempt to keep their romance under wraps. 

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