Kevin Cheng wants to keep love life out of limelight

The actor, who is currently dating his co-star Grace Chan, asked the media to give them space

Kevin Cheng wants to keep love life out of limelight

There have been many speculations by the public about Hong Kong actor-singer Kevin Cheng and beauty queen-turned-actress Grace Chan dating each other after starring in the same upcoming drama series about vampires, Blue Veins.

44-year-old Kevin finally admitted to dating the Grace two days ago and mentioned his previous statement about wanting a marriage and kids. He revealed that despite being split into different teams for filming, the two spent even more time together.

The actor was dressed in a red and white cap, a red windbreaker and black trousers when he arrived in Hong Kong from Singapore at 9 pm on Monday.

In contrast to showing a black face to reporters days ago when they brought up his relationship with the beauty pageant winner, Kevin welcomed questions with a smile and said, “I have already said what I want to say. In fact, what I feel I’ve repeated the most is, ‘Please give us some space!’”

Kevin Cheng wants to keep love life out of limelight

When asked how are things developing between them, Kevin kept his smile on and replied, “Young man, this is not a reality show.”

Bombarded with even more questions, after saying that he would be open to more work projects with his 23-year-old girlfriend, Kevin added, “I don’t want to repeat this already. I am not that big a celebrity. Hear me out when I say I want everyone to give me space!”

After this, although the reporters continued questioning whether their 21-year age gap would be an obstacle or if their family members would mind, he refused to respond to any more questions pertaining to Grace.

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