Kevin Tsai comes clean about gays: We’re not monsters

14 years after his debut, Kevin Tsai teared as he finally spoke up about being the only Taiwanese celebrity to have come out of the closet

Kevin Tsai comes clean about gays: We’re not monsters

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As the only Taiwanese male celebrity to have officially come clean about his sexual orientation, Here Comes Kangxi host Kevin Tsai, revealed on another variety show, U Can U Bibi, that he has unofficially become a consultant to celebrities who wish to reveal their sexual orientation.

The 53-year-old revealed on the show that he feels very overwhelmed by his “role” and said, “Many showbiz stars who I’m not even familiar with would secretly come and consult me through mutual friends for my opinion.”

Kevin added that he understands where these artistes are coming from and how they simply don’t want to keep it a secret from their fans any longer. However, he feels pressured when the artistes are fully reliant on his decision.

Taking into account the fact that artistes have greater social influence as opposed to regular people, Kevin was extra cautious when he had to work out a plan for them. He is also worried that they may not be able to endure the emotional blow he had to suffer when he came clean about his sexual orientation.

“From a rational point of view, I would always stop them, but from a lonely person’s point of view, I wish for company too.”

He said with a forced smile, “I underwent a lot of pressure because of this. I guess I’m unlucky for being the only one [still working as an artiste] even after revealing my sexual orientation.”

Kevin Tsai comes clean about gays: We’re not monsters

Choking back on tears, he added, “I don’t want people to immediately think of me whenever the topic of gays arises. We have to let parents realise that we will not die and we will not be socially isolated or discriminated just because we are gay.”

“All I can do is be living proof to those parents that we are not monsters and that it’s not the end of the world.”

Kevin, one of Taiwan’s most famous TV hosts, debuted in 2001 and admitted that he was in a 10-year-long relationship with another close guy friend on a television programme in 2002.

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