Kevin Tsai & Dee Hsu leave Here Comes Kangxi

The announcement came as no surprise as some believe that Kevin Tsai has wanted to leave the show for some time

Kevin Tsai & Dee Hsu leave Here Comes Kangxi

Kevin Tsai announced via his Facebook on Friday (Oct 16) that he will be leaving popular Taiwanese variety programme Here Comes Kangxi. He wrote, “I’m saying goodbye to Here Comes Kangxi. Of course, I told Dee Hsu about it first; then amicably tendered my resignation with (producer) Wang Wei Chung. I told him that I wanted a change – we’re fast approaching the 12-year mark with the show and the ones I want to thank the most are the tireless crew members. I hope that all of you found that it was worth it.”

The 53-year-old continued, “I’ll remember this amazing journey forever in my heart. In the past 12 years, we’ve shed tears of joy and gone through dark periods of time. People coming and going is all part of life; goodbye to my precious times with Kangxi.”

Following his post, Dee Hsu announced her departure from the show with a post of her own, “Kangxi is something Kevin and I created together, a life that we experienced together and ten years we spent together that I can never forget. To me, Kangxi is incomplete without Kevin, so my dear, let’s advance and retreat together. Regardless, (I’ll) love you forever”.

Kevin Tsai & Dee Hsu leave Here Comes Kangxi

Speculation has been rife since the dual resignations were announced, with some pointing out that there have been prior reports of Kevin wanting to leave the show. He was once slammed with comments stating that his “boring, old-fashioned” hosting style was tiresome after watching for long periods of time, to which he admitted, “Here Comes Kangxi won’t be able to be with you for a lifetime; please don’t let us be with you forever and look for your own world.”

Others have wondered if conflicts in commitments caused the pair to leave. Chi Chi De Ai, his maiden directing-scriptwriting attempt, is slated to be released in cinemas next year and reports have even suggested that the leading female role has been tailored just for Dee, with her partner to be a fresh face from the mainland.

Yet another theory is that Kevin is intending to set his sights on China following the success of his hosting gig The Million Second Quiz there. The broadcast station’s officials and programme staff are said to have been extremely satisfied with his performance and the show’s ratings, with an industry insider claiming, “All the (television stations) are trying to snap him up right now!”

According to reports, he is currently commanding a fee of RMB 8million (S$1.74million) for a seven-day shoot which lasts seven hours per session. This sky-high number shocked netizens, who have left comments for him to reconsider expanding his car­eer in China.

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