Kevin Tsai’s other reason for quitting Here Comes Kangxi

Presenter wanting to work on directorial debut is just half the story

Kevin, Dee

Kevin Tsai, 53, Taiwanese television presenter and the long-time host of talk show Here Comes Kangxi, has revealed the other reason behind his sudden resignation from the 12-year-old programme: He didn’t want to talk about celebrities’ private lives anymore.

Kevin quit Here Comes Kangxi due to his intention to focus on his debut directing–scriptwriting project and reportedly to shift his hosting career to mainland China.

But in a recent interview with a magazine, he revealed, for the first time, another reason for leaving the show, one that even co-host Dee Hsu didn’t know about. Kevin said he found it suffocating to pry into the family lives of the show’s celebrity guests, and discussing their children and spouses was exactly what he found repulsive and uncomfortable.

He added that talking about those topics was unavoidable on Here Comes Kangxi and that the talk show had been taken over by celeb family matters.

Kevin tendered his resignation last October without even mentioning this to Dee, 37.

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