Kim Hyun Joong paternity press conference ‘an insult to women and children,’ ex says

Korean actor and former lover trade barbs in ongoing months-long legal battle

Kim Hyun Joong

In what’s starting to resemble a long-drawn-out makjang TV series, Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend, surnamed Choi, has accused the actor of trampling on the rights of women and children with his move to clarify his position on their paternity kerfuffle through a press conference.

The South Korean actor held a press event last Thursday through his lawyers to clear his name, saying he had fully cooperated with Ms Choi’s requests for a paternity test for her newborn child, and that Ms Choi had withheld the child’s DNA from independent testing.

Now Ms Choi is fighting back, calling Hyun Joong’s press event unreasonable and an insult to women and children.

Last Thursday’s press event was meant to make clear whether Hyun Joong was the father of Ms Choi’s child, but the paternity test had not been completed.

This is just the latest episode in their turbulent relationship: Last year, Hyun Joong was fined for causing Ms Choi injury. She had accused him of physical abuse and causing her broken ribs, though only one of her four reports of assault was eventually attributed to the actor.

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