Kit Chan to compete in I Am a Singer Season 3

The local songbird will pit against Han Hong, Zhang Liangying and A-Lin

Photo: Likes Communications

Local songbird Kit Chan has agreed to participate in the new and third season of Chinese reality singing contest I Am a Singer, a programme which pits singers against one another. According to media reports, this is the third time Kit has been invited by Hunan TV to join the show.

Although Kit has always resisted taking part in such programmes because “music cannot be judged based on a competition”, she was eventually moved by the producer’s sincerity. It is reported that the producer specially flew to Singapore to explain the aim and details of I Am a Singer in person.

After a discussion with her Taiwanese friends, Kit watched the first two seasons of the show and realised that it is a programme which allows artistes to express their love for the craft on stage. More importantly, the singers get to interact with “an awesome team of musicians” and are given due respect by the production team.

“I understand that a reality singing contest has to be carried out in a certain format, but the stage and the challenge are attractive to me. I hope to experience something like this at least once in my life, so here I come!” she exclaimed.

Photo: Wee Khim
Last Thursday, Kit flew to Changsha, China along with her team of stylist and assistants to prepare for the programme recording which started on Saturday. The 42-year-old will be competing against Chinese singers Sun Nan, Han Hong, Zhang Liangying and Anson Hu, as well as Hong Kong singer Leo Ku and Taiwanese songstress A-Lin.

I Am a Singer is known for bringing vocal powerhouses such as Hong Kong singer G.E.M Tang to fame. However, Kit has her own take on the interpretation of her songs.

“When I was younger, I focused on the technical part of singing. But now, I’m more about injecting emotions into a song,” she explained. “I would choose to perform songs that suit the current me, and not songs that have lots of high notes.”

As I Am a Singer requires the contestants to interact actively with fans on Weibo, Kit, who is an extremely private person, has finally created an account on the Chinese social media platform. “When the programme ends, this account will cease to exist as well,” the singer laughed. 

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