Larisa says yes after rejecting boyfriend’s proposal 20 times

The lovebirds will tie the knot this year with details of their nuptials to be confirmed at a later date

Larisa says yes after rejecting boyfriend’s proposal 20 times

Ukrainian-born actress-model Larisa will tie the knot with her longtime boyfriend Mike after rejecting his proposals 20 times.

The Taiwanese based star, who has had supporting roles in projects such as drama They Kiss Again, confirmed the good news on her personal Facebook account with a photo of the couple accompanied by a short caption, “I said yes!”

The couple has dated for five years but split for a year in between. They have often been spotted together in public but she only admitted to their relationship this January.

Larisa says yes after rejecting boyfriend’s proposal 20 times

It is understood that Mike has proposed repeatedly over the span of the past two years, each time using various methods in the hope that Larisa would say yes. She would always reply with a short, “Could you give me some more time?”

In response to queries on why she finally said yes, she shared that she “doesn’t want to hurt this person any longer.” Explaining that she has insecurity problems due to her previous marriage, the 30-year-old added, “I got married when I was 19 after knowing him for a week. That three-month marriage felt wrong a day after we wedded and I ended up spending two years finalising the divorce. I felt that I was really dumb and it hurt so much that I told myself I didn’t want to get married again.”

Describing how her fiancée changed her mind, Larisa shared that he has not left her side for the past five years, including the time when they were not together. His constant care and concern for her made her feel that he is someone “who I can rely on for the rest of my life”, ultimately resulting in her saying yes.

She described his successful proposal, saying that he scattered white rose petals to create a romantic atmosphere and went down on one knee with Cartier ring in hand.

Larisa also maintained that she is not pregnant and shared that the details of her nuptials are still under discussion but is set to be held before the year ends. Also responding to rumours that Mike is an heir to a conglomerate family with a net worth surpassing billions of Taiwan dollars, her manager laughingly clarified, “He’s just a white-collar worker with a fixed salary. In fact, Larisa’s yearly income may even be higher than his.”

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