Laurinda Ho denies she’s seeing Kai Ko

Casino heiress reportedly still not over ex Kenji Wu


Laurinda Ho, one of the daughters of Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho, has denied that she’s romantically involved with Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, 24, after they were seen behaving intimately last Sunday while meeting at a karaoke lounge.

“He and I are not that close,” she said yesterday. “We’ve known each other for about half a year, we met in Taiwan when we went out with a large group of friends, but there were no private dates.”

Responding to reports that she had put her arm around his shoulders, Laurinda said, “A group of us went out to drink and sing karaoke, maybe I had a bit too much and he was being a gentleman by supporting me. We’re regular friends and we weren’t being too intimate, those were normal social interactions so please don’t read too much into it.”

On the same topic, Kai said yesterday: “I’ve honestly not been on an exclusive date with Laurinda, and though we’ve known each other for about half a year, we’ve only been in contact for about two or three months.”

Kai and Taiwanese actress Tia Li, 30, have been rumoured to be dating for close to two years, but a rumour that emerged yesterday said they had split for a month now.

According to sources, Kai and Laurinda met in late 2015 through actor Jaycee Chan and have gone out alone. And though they think well of each other, she can’t get over her former beau of four years, Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu, so she’s keeping Kai at arm’s length.

Kenji and Laurinda split last December.

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