Laurinda Ho will not be celebrating her birthday with Kai Ko

The casino heiress does not want to incur the wrath of her mum


Casino heiress Laurinda Ho, who turned 25 on Monday, arrived almost an hour late to an event yesterday.

At the event, the organisers presented her with a cake to celebrate her birthday. The birthday girl revealed that her birthday wish was to “open a restaurant by the end of the year” and divulged that she is “currently working on something related to the hotel business”.

In light of the recent rumours alleging that Laurinda is dating actor Kai Ko, the 25-year-old was asked if she intended to celebrate her birthday with Kai.


Afraid of stirring up more rumours, she immediately gave a negative answer, saying, “He did send me a text wishing me a happy birthday. I feel that [he’s] just a normal friend, but you [the media] feel like it’s gossip material. I don’t wish to have too many of such ‘scandalous’ news as I’m afraid my mum will scold me. Right now, I’m working hard to have an all-female team [around me].”

Photos: PBE Media

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