Lawrence Ng and wife living apart for three years

The Hong Kong actor revealed he is trying hard to salvage his marriage

吴启华爆与娇妻分居逾3年 否认劈腿传言

Following news earlier this week that Hong Kong actor Lawrence Ng’s marriage is on the rocks, he further revealed that he has been living apart from his wife, Chinese actress Shi Yang Zi, and six-year-old daughter, Xi Er, for three to four years.

It is said that 29-year-old Yang Zi intends to return to showbiz while Lawrence, 50, prefers a stay-at-home wife to take care of the family.

Despite their differences, the actor shared that they have been going on vacations in hopes of salvaging their marriage, but emphasised that the problem will take time to solve.

According to media reports, the pair couple hardly interacted when they were spotted after returning to Hong Kong from their vacation with their daughter and Lawrence’s mother-in-law on Tuesday.  Lawrence was reportedly busy with the luggage, while Yang Zi was taking care of their daughter, who is currently living with her maternal grandmother.

On Monday night, Yang Zi explained through Weibo that she wants to return to showbiz to be someone her daughter can look up to, but she wants to do so on her own without her husband’s help.

In response to that, Lawrence said work can act as an outlet to relieve her emotions, especially at her young age. With regards to talks that she has been meeting younger men as “a single lady”, he clarified the man in question was the best man at their wedding.

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