Lawrence Ng and wife are getting a divorce

The Hong Kong actor and his wife, who have been living apart for more than three years, are getting a divorce

Lawrence Ng and wife are getting a divorce 1

It was just two days ago when Hong Kong actor Lawrence Ng said that he was trying hard to salvage his marriage with Chinese actress Shi Yang Zi, but yesterday, he announced on Weibo that they will be getting a divorce.

Thanking everyone for their concern, the 50-year-old wrote: “As a man, I am to blame for not being able to manage my married life well. For the sake of my daughter, I did not want things to end up like this. But things are out of control now and divorce seems to be the best decision for us. I feel regretful and upset and the only thing I can do to reduce the hurt to my daughter is to shower her with more love and do my best to bring her up.”

The couple, who are parents to their 6 year old daughter Xi Er, have been living apart for three to four years. To make a return to showbiz, 29-year-old Yang Zi is said to have left Xi Er in the care of her mother in Changchun, China.

While Lawrence often posts family photos on Weibo, calling Yang Zi “my great wife” and Xi Er “piggy” with captions like “The two most important people in my life”, there were no photos of him among the 821 found on Yang Zi’s Weibo.

Rather, it was Taiwanese singer Annie Yi’s fiancé, Chinese actor Qin Hao, who appeared in three photos on her account where she called him “dearest brother”. In those photos that they took together, the two behaved intimately, leaning on and hugging each other.

Lawrence Ng and wife are getting a divorce 2

Lawrence Ng’s marriage on the rocks

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