Lawrence Ng rejects joining Dad, Where Are We Going?

The actor said that he has not officially divorced with his wife

吴启华与妻未正式离婚 护女心切拒上《爸爸》
At an event on Sunday, Hong Kong actor Lawrence Ng told reporters that he has not officially divorced with his wife, Chinese actress Shi Yang Zi. The 50-year-old also mentioned that he has rejected the invitation to participate in the third season of popular reality-variety programme Dad, Where Are We Going? with his six-year-old daughter Xi Er.

In response to the rumours about TVB actress Jacqueline Wong being a third party, Lawrence clarified that his marriage with Yang Zi started falling apart four years ago and that Jacqueline, who was residing in Canada at the time, has not even joined the industry yet. He also apologised to the “innocent parties” who have been implicated in this incident.

While speaking to the media, Lawrence let on that he has been living separately from his wife for a few years. “Breaking up is the most suitable decision, if years of trying to make things work turns out to be futile,” he added.

Emphasising that his relationship with Yang Zi is “not hostile”, the actor said that he will be bringing Xi Er and his mother-in-law to Japan for a holiday next month. If Yang Zi is able to make the trip, he welcomes her to join them.

When asked if his daughter is aware that her parents are getting a divorce, Lawrence replied: “We have not formally talked about it. As she has been staying with her grandmother since birth, it wouldn’t feel like a big change for her.”

Although the couple are said to have conflicting opinions on raising Xi Er, Lawrence declared that he will be making arrangements for his daughter to study in Hong Kong.

However, the doting dad has no plans for Xi Er to appear on TV, fearing that she would be ostracised by her classmates. “The production team of Dad, Where Are We Going? did contact me, but I hope she can grow up in a normal environment,” Lawrence explained.

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