Lawrence Ng’s marriage on the rocks

The Hong Kong actor’s wife, a Chinese actress, is said to be craving for stardom and meeting younger men

吴启华小21岁妻撇家寻梦 男方:正处于冷静期

Hong Kong actor Lawrence Ng tied the knot with Chinese actress Shi Yang Zi in 2007 and welcomed their daughter a year later. But their marriage is now on the rocks as Yang Zi is said to be craving for stardom and has been meeting younger men in Beijing as “a single lady”.

Lawrence, who is 50 this year, recently admitted that he is having difficulty communicating with his 28-year-old wife and both are in “a cooling off period now”.

“Before we wedded, I told her I wanted a wife who can take care of the family. She said she was up to it. If she realises that life gets mundane and regrets her decision with no plans to be a full-time housewife, I cannot do anything either. I can’t possibly hold her at gunpoint,” he said.

Although the worst decision is a divorce, Lawrence has confidence things will not get there. “We will give in for the sake of our daughter. There is after all no third party involved and the problem is not that serious.”

Lawrence has attempted to live in Beijing but did not like the environment due to cultural differences. He hopes to stay with his parents but his wife, Yang Zi dislikes Hong Kong, and the couple find it hard to compromise on the issue.

It is reported that Lawrence is planning for his daughter to relocate to Hong Kong. Their daughter currently lives with Yang Zi’s mother in Changchun, China, while he lives with his parents in Hong Kong and the family is temporarily separated.

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