Leah Dou covers her mum Faye Wong’s greatest hits

The singer sounds just like her mum in the video


Chinese singer-songwriter Leah Dou released her first English album Stone Café in April this year, with many critics giving the album a thumbs up.

Recently, a video of her covering the songs of her mother, Chinese singer Faye Wong, at a KTV outlet has been spreading on the internet.

As Leah rarely covers Faye’s songs, the video piqued the interest of netizens. Many commented that the 19-year-old sounds just like her mother, who rose to fame with her husky and ethereal vocals.


In the video, Leah is seen sitting and swaying from side-to-side occasionally, as she sings ‘Fleeting Time’, ‘Once In A Blue Moon’, and ‘Fleet of Time’.

Leah is Faye’s eldest daughter from her first marriage to the Chinese musician, Dou Wei.

Photos: PBE Media

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