Leah Dou on mum Faye Wong: I respect her

Singer to release debut English album, Stone Cafe

Photos: PBE Media

Chinese singer–songwriter Leah Dou, 19, will release her debut English album, Stone Cafe, on April 22 in Taiwan.

At a press conference held on Monday, the teen spoke about her relationship with her mother, Chinese singer Faye Wong, 46, for whom she said she has respect.

Leah said she and Faye communicate frequently via the messaging app WeChat, and she had a 10 pm curfew until she turned 16; if she was even a minute late, Faye would text her a reminder to come home.

After her recent performance at Taipei’s Spring Wave Music and Art Festival, Leah earned praise for resembling her famous mother. “Is that so? That’s a good thing!” she said when she was asked about this.

According to Leah, Faye sends succinct text messages, and they have never gotten into an argument with each other. But they don’t tell each other “I love you” - “That’s so mushy,” Leah said.

On the title of her debut English album, Leah said it was a reference to the US arts school she attended in 2013. The songwriting department she belonged to was barely a year old then and had no classroom of its own, so she attended her classes on the floor below the school cafeteria, Stone Cafe.

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