Leanne Li denies she’s pregnant

Actress shops for furniture wearing a loose dress that keeps the world guessing

Wong Cho Lam, Leanne Li

Hong Kong actress Leanne Li has denied she is expecting.

Leanne was spotted out furniture shopping yesterday in the Happy Valley neighbourhood wearing a loose-fitting shirt dress and flat-soled shoes. Her attire and appearance gave the impression that she had put on some weight, igniting rumours of a bun in the oven.

The actress had picked up her father in Tsim Sha Tsui for a visit to the luxury furniture store, and after a few hours spent shopping the two left to join Leanne’s mother for dinner.

On spotting reporters waiting for them when they got out of their car, Leanne told them her father would be helping her pick out furniture for her new residence. “My father does design, and this time he will be in charge of the project,” she said. “The last renovation was botched so badly I’m scared.”

Leanne Li

Asked about the luxury property her husband, Hong Kong entertainer Wong Cho Lam, bought for her, she said, “I’m happy, my husband is good to me.” The residence reportedly cost HK$115 million (approximately S$20 million).

When husband and wife were seen returning home later that night, Cho Lam denied they were buying a crib, saying, “We’re only getting regular furniture,” and added they wouldn’t be having children until some years later.

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